Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Contractors

CSS civil engineers are professional and disciplined with the design, construction, and maintenance of all projects. CSS engineers are certified and either hold engineering degree (BEng) or a Master’s degree (MEng) in civil engineering. Our team covers the following areas:

  • Structural (dams, buildings, offshore platforms and pipelines)
  • Transportation (roads, railways, canals and airports)
  • Environmental (water supply networks, drainage and flood barriers)
  • Maritime (ports, harbours and sea defences)
  • Geotechnical (mining, earthworks and construction foundations)

CSS civil engineers produce blueprints inhouse using specialist programs (Auto-Cad and Tekla Structures), analyse surveys, carry out testing and mapping data with a computer modelling software, produce 3D models/dwg drawings, design change, supply fabrication, erection, architectural GA drawings in dwg format.

Ground work projects are welcome! CSS has team of specialist ground workers that prepare a site prior to building, removing sewage, redirecting waterways by pumping, concreting the proposed site, laying kerbs and flagstones and creating access to a site. Preparing a site is one of the most important initial jobs that a site experiences, these works can be priced singly or combined as a package.

Please contact our Recruitment team on +44 (0)1322 387370 or for further information.

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