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Why choose us?


Get your hands on the strongest architectural steel in Kent today with ConnectSteel. We are the providers of the finest architectural steel in the country for heavy-duty construction projects.


We have a huge research and development team that constantly works on the development of the next generation steel products. Over the past couple of years, we have improved the strength of our steel products exponentially with constant experimentation and innovation.


We produce the most reliable architectural steel in Kent. You can rely on our products for heavy-duty construction projects. If you need the structural steel products that can handle an immense amount of load for you and still offer an excellent FOS (Factor of Safety), ConnectSteel is the right product provider for you. A few solid features of our architectural steel products make us the most trusted choice.



Our architectural steel products are known for their immense strength. We use the best UTM (Universal Testing Machines) to test each batch of products before disposing them to the clients’ location. With us, you never need to worry about micro-cracks or fractures in the structure due to excessive load. We have partnered with some of the best civil engineers to test our products thoroughly.



We have a huge collection of functional steel products ready for use. To serve our customers better and cater to their unique requirements, we have created a diverse portfolio of products. We have fulfilled several custom requirements of our customers and in the process created the most attractive portfolio of steel products.



If you are purchasing the structural steel products from us, you never need to worry about their structural strength or quality. We strive on providing the most high-quality products to all our customers.



One of the key features that set our products apart from the rest in the market is their ability to resist weathering elements. Our weather-resistant steel products will not corrode over time due to tough weather conditions. Such products are ideal for construction in Kent because of its cold and damp weather.


So, if you are looking for the strongest and most reliable architectural steel in Kent, pick up the phone and call ConnectSteel today. We have an entire team of friendly customer service representatives waiting to serve you better. Get in touch with us through call or email to find out more about the long range of products that we have to offer.

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