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Why choose us?

Completing Complex Welding Projects in Short Deadlines


We have an entire team of professional welders for metal works in London. These welders have several years of welding and fabrication experience under their belts. They know how to work with various grades of metals and perform efficient grinding, cutting as well as welding operations on fragile metal components. Our welders are equipped with the latest gadgets to ensure high precision of welding. The welders on our team can easily follow the latest and safest welding procedures for complex projects that require high level of accuracy. Over the past couple of years, the team has undertaken multiple welding projects in high-rise commercial buildings and apartments.

Performing Labour-Intensive Tasks


At Connect Steel Solutions UK, we have the necessary contacts in the industry to offer you an entire team of professional handymen for labour-intensive tasks. The professional handymen on our team work cohesively as a tightly knit unit to produce efficient and precise results. They know how to utilize the time that they have to its full potential and they can deliver the completed project in extremely short deadlines. We can equip you with mall as well as large teams as per your requirements. With a complete team of certified metal welders and fabricators, you can effectively complete your projects on time and save a lot of money. Our team strongly believes in the concept of punctuality. Therefore, it arrives at the location in a proper uniform and on time. Every member of this team focuses on delivering the best customer service experience.

Completing High-Rise Erection Projects with Accuracy


The best part about our workers in London is that they can work proficiently with high-rise projects. They know how to leverage the latest technology in the world of construction to complete complicated and dangerous high-rise projects safely. We have equipped our whole team with the necessary tools to help them complete the project on time. Our metal fabrication services are popular throughout the country, and the whole credit for this popularity goes to our hardworking professionals. Contact us today to avail the best metal works in London at extremely affordable prices.

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